Programme 3

English for Creative Thinking, Art, History and Science –
English for Teenagers

Language Level:

Intermediate to Advanced

Programme Description

This international English language programme for teenagers is aimed at young people from the ages of 15-17. The programme covers English language classes delivered by teachers experienced in working with young people from all over the world.

The aim of the programme: English for Creative Thinking, Art, History and Science is to enhance students’ knowledge on art, history, science from the academic perspective. Students also learn how to develop and use creative thinking on the examples of famous people who achieved success in life. The programme aim is achieved through the variety of materials which also improve students reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. Classes are taught in university buildings so that students have a chance to meet with the history, prestige and tradition of the 600 year old University of St Andrews.

After the classes students participate in a number of activities demanding use of English in a multinational environment. Juniors prepare for the talent show, play sports in multinational groups, participate in Scottish dances practice or solve puzzles based on the history of the old town of St Andrews, supported by their teachers.

In addition, there are one day trips organized to places of national heritage in Scotland. The aim of those trips is to show students the beauty, history and culture of Scotland, famous for such great historical characters as: Mary St of Scots, Alexander Bell – the inventor of the telephone, Adam Smith – the world’s first economist, John Logie Baird – the inventor of television and many others. Before every trip students are introduced to the history and heritage of the places they are going to visit in their classrooms.

Full board accommodation is provided at one of the University of St Andrews residences. Meals are provided at the following times:
8.00-9.00 breakfast
12.30-13.30 lunch
18.15-19.00 dinner
On excursion days students are provided with packed lunches.

Most teenagers attending the programme come with the group supervisors from their own countries.

Dates of the programme:

18th July – 1st August 2020 (two-week programme)

Timetable for the English for Communication, Study and Career Development Programme (Week 1)
Timetable for the English for Communication, Study and Career Development Programme (Week 2)



On completion of the English for Teenagers Programme students receive a certificate:

  • St -Mary`s Academy Certificate in English for Communication, Creative Thinking, Art and History endorsed by the University of St Andrews.

Full board accommodation

Our catered accommodation is in Agnes Blackadder Hall, University of St Andrews which is located among the science buildings in the North Haugh. When teenagers are housed here, they have a single room with a private bathroom, three meals per day and their teaching rooms are only about 500 metres from the accommodation.