Programme 2

International Negotiation and Communication Studies

Language Level:

Upper Intermediate (B2/FCE) to Advanced (C2, CPE)

Programme Description

This intensive programme is especially designed for University students and professionals who wish to develop their communication and negotiations skills in the multi-cultural environment and be prepared for new challenges in the English-speaking world in business and state entities. It is also suitable for students who plan to pursue their career at in government departments such as:

  • The Foreign Office
  • The Ministry of Defence
  • The Home Office
  • The Ministry of Trade and Industry

The programme focuses on the development of negotiation and communication skills, the creative thinking process and decision-making strategies. It helps students to be more confident in representing their work, projects, personal and professional plans and discussing them with their potential supervisors and co-workers as well as possibly representing their country on an international platform.

The programme enables students to learn, experience and practice English communication in a multicultural, multi-lingual and economically and politically diverse world. The classes, workshops and lectures are scheduled in a way that students gradually build their experience and gain confidence in their communication and professional skills.

The aim of the programme is to make a shift in the thinking of the individual from being the one who is led, to being a leader, responsible for his or her own decisions and able to look into the future to his or her personal and professional development.
Additionally, the programme develops students` abilities to communicate accurately in a multinational environment, which is essential for any professional working in a global environment. It is recommended for future politicians, diplomats, civil servants and business people who are expected to speak freely in the English-speaking environment and face linguistic and psychological challenges which occur when multi-cultural exchange takes place at different meetings.

Dates of the programme:

1st August 2020 to 15th August 2020

Timetable for the English for Communication, Study and Career Development Programme (Week 1)
Timetable for the English for Communication, Study and Career Development Programme (Week 2)



  • Students who successfully complete this programme will be awarded three certificates:St Mary`s Academy Certificate in International Negotiations and Communication Studies
  • University of St Andrews, Certificate of Attainment in English for International Negotiations and Communication
  • The Mediation Concept Certificate, accredited by the California Bar, USA

Cost of tuition and self-catering accommodation: 2200 GBP

Self-catered accommodation

St Mary`s Academy Programmes are delivered and conducted at the premises of University of St Andrews, Scotland

Accommodation: Self-catering accommodation is provided at the David Russell Apartments, University of St Andrews,